How Advertising Changed Me From a Creative Director Into a Strategic Marketer.

What Happens Here Stays Here.

In regards to the Air force and to the LVCVA, there were conversations arising about the work, the news and the culture. So LISTENING TO EVERYONE became a strategy for survival. Even the boring daily statistics revealed truths to us that we could tap into to motivate our customers.

Wal* Mart

What was exceptional about Wal Mart was that the director was famous and cultural and brilliant; Albert and David Maysels shot Gimme Shelter and Grey Gardens. David passed away and we hired Albert to shoot Wal Mart.

Boy Scout, Camper, Former Hunter, Leader

(I have run departments, run agencies, run blues jams, and run companies my whole life: GSD&M Air Force Group, Zimmerman Agency, R&R Partners, and Peace Council, my own 501 (c ) 3 )

I did hunt when I was young and didn’t know anything and didn’t know where my heart was. And I call myself a former hunter because one day 40 years ago, I killed a deer and then asked myself how that would add to my life. It was in those moments that I decided I would take my innate knowledge on how to thrive outdoors and eliminate the need to kill anything.



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